Kanatest is a Japanese kana (Hiragana and Katakana) simple flashcard tool.

During test the Kanatest displays randomly selected kana char (respecting mode and lesson) and waits for user answer expected as romaji equivalent. This process continues until all questions will be answered or all questions will be answered correctly (depends on options). At the end of test a short info about drilling time and correctness ratio is displayed. The results are stored and user can review his performance in any time.

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2009-04-12: version 0.4.8

2008-11-30: version 0.4.6

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Kanatest screenshot 1 Kanatest screenshot 2 Kanatest screenshot 4
Kanatest screenshot 3 Kanatest screenshot 5 Kanatest screenshot 6 Kanatest screenshot 7


Kanatest needs following dependencies:


kanatest-0.4.8.tar.gz (295 kB) - sha1sum: 4f316b28898d37597230c918d6ec01b491d66a35

Maemo port by Aki Nyman:

Kanatest V0.4.8maemo2

Kanatest package is available in the following distributions:

Subversion Access

Please check GIT repository *before* submitting a bug. Use following command to get the bleeding-edge version of Kanatest:

git clone https://git.code.sf.net/p/kanatest/code kanatest

Translation Statistics

Kanatest supports following languages (status for 2009-04-12):

de: 99%
es: 99%
fi: 100%
fr: 99%
hu: 99%
it: 98%
pl: 100%
pt: 88%
ru: 98%

The template file (kanatest.pot) can be found here for those who want to add a new language.


Any bug reports, patches and suggestions are kindly welcomed. Please use our mailing list and trackers (bugs, patches).


If you like our flashcard tool, send a postcard with a photo of the city where you live (please check 'Postcards' tab in about box for details). We have received several postcards from happy Kanatest users. Thank you!

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